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We advance indigenous rights and self-determination through four programs, which seek to overcome the dispossession and marginalization conditions in which indigenous peoples in the state of Chihuahua currently live

This program is directed to Rarámuri traditional authorities and communities

The training program features workshops grounded on the popular education methodologies to foster community dialogues to examine indigenous rights, including an analysis of the current status of these rights in communities and the best strategies to promote compliance according to community interests and logic.

This program is directed to youths from the Sierra Tarahumara region, high school and university students

The program features workshops grounded on the popular education methodologies to train youths form the region, both Rarámuri and mestizos , on crucial issues such as interculturality, respecting differences, racism, and indigenous rights. We offer these workshops twice a year to students in five mixed high schools in the Tarahumara region, and to university students in the city of Chihuahua.

CECADDHI provides legal aid and defense services at the request of indigenous communities to fight collectively for territorial and environmental rights under the guiding principles of interculturalism, relevance and respect for community autonomy.

At CECADHI we believe in diversity and epistemological decolonization. We strongly believe in the production of knowledge from and for practice. In this sense, our guidance principles for research include:

• The positionality of knowledge: we assume that all knowledge is partial and determined by the position of the person who produces it.
• The main source that inspires and sustains our research are our own accompaniment, training and defense processes.
• CECADDHI is one of the elements that we analyze within these research processes; both the process and the results contribute to self-evaluation.
• We recognize the limitations of field research and collaboration, therefore, our research will seek to be collaborative as much as possible.
• Research findings should be returned in a useful manner to all the subjects involved.  


CECADDHI’s work raises awareness among indigenous communities of their rights, and the feasible actions to defend these rights; but the decision to fight for their rights and how to do it, are community decisions.


The Christensen Fund
Centro para el Fortalecimiento de Organizaciones Civiles, A.C.
Programa de Apoyo a las Culturas Municipales y Comunitarias (PACMYC)
Red Serrana
Comité P. Francisco Chávez. (Rochéachi)
Traditional Rarámuri community authrorities
Proyecto de Fe Compartida en Tarahumara (PROFECTAR)
High schools in the Sierra Tarahumara
Programa Interinstitucional de Atención al Indígena (PIAI)


C. Francisco Xavier Mina No. 1415
Col. Pacífico | C.P. 31 030
Chihuahua, Chih, México

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